It Was Automatic

You’re like magic.

You found me when my life was tragic

A mess of tears, panic 

& manic

Admist my most dramatic 

Going through something traumatic

And you knew how to fix it 

Like a mechanic

It was automatic

We were friends, it was organic

But that grew into something romantic

A tranquil and serene dynamic

I knew from day one,

I could feel the static

When our souls met 

It was climatic

Kyoko W.P.

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My Home

My home is warm

My home is safe

It’s cozy and comfy

And cannot be replaced

My favorite scent; I can only smell there

It fills me glee

Makes my heart happy; a smile I can taste

So overwhelmed with love and peace

It calms my heart and slows down its pace

I wish I could take my home everywhere or never leave

But that isn’t the case

Because my home is a person

A heart, soul and body

My home has a face

My home is love

My home is warm

My home is safe

Two Foxes

There once was a fox so lonely and sad

This fox didn’t know how bad it she had.

A fox so scared

A fox so meek

A fox didn’t look

A fox didn’t seek

There once was fox roaming through life

He buried his feelings, his pain his strife

A fox so sly

A fox so mystique

A fox didn’t look

A fox didn’t seek

There once was a day when sun broke through the trees

The foxes, not seeking, could finally see.

He saw her eyes and She felt his strength

Soon the distance between them; less than an arm’s length

Two foxes together are better than one

Two foxes can play; two foxes can run

Two foxes no longer alone on their own

Two foxes together finally found their home

There was once were two foxes

Nothing Could Be Better

It’s raining
It’s pouring
But with you it’s never boring

Cuddled Up
Cozy and warm
laughter louder than the storm

Your hands are soft
As they hold mine
Nowhere I’d rather be in space or time

In this moment
nothing is wrong
Everything is right like a perfect love song

I listen to the sound of your heartbeat
As I lay my head on your chest
Nothing could be better
Because this is the best

You move my hair
And kiss my forehead
And my heart could not be happier than lying with you in bed

I squeeze you tight
Overwhelmed with love
There isn’t anything I’d rather be doing that I can think of