It Was Automatic

You’re like magic.

You found me when my life was tragic

A mess of tears, panic 

& manic

Admist my most dramatic 

Going through something traumatic

And you knew how to fix it 

Like a mechanic

It was automatic

We were friends, it was organic

But that grew into something romantic

A tranquil and serene dynamic

I knew from day one,

I could feel the static

When our souls met 

It was climatic

Kyoko W.P.

Every ounce completely

Her soul is so full,

She cannot control

That it pours from her eyes

That’s why she cries

She feels everything all the time

That is something she cannot hide

Emotions written on her face,

Heart on her sleeve,

Her feelings are not lies

She feels it all deeply

Every ounce completely

Some say she’s blessed

Some say she’s cursed

But apathy would be so much worse

Instead of sinking, she swims in her emotion

With each and every wave that comes from that ocean.