Your Souls Engraving

I’ve always craved a sense of belonging,

Never felt I was one to fit in

Always trying, Always fawning

But then I met you, goosebumps on my skin

It was you I had been craving,

It is you whom I belong,

Your souls engraving,

On my Soul, like a melodic love song

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Deep roots

Nature entwined with my spirit
I feel its magic when I am near it
Deep roots connecting me to all that is natural
I feel its presence its almost spiritual
The way the trees move my soul
Splendor growing out of control
A calming breeze moves around me
When surrounded by nature and all its beauty
The ground beneath me
The colors that I see
Majestic and moving gracefully
Watching the colors change fully
These roots are deep
The artistry can make me weep


I’ve always struggled between two races

I look in the mirror and see two faces

Too Asian to be white

Too white to be Asian

Where do I fit in this equation?

I always wanted to just be one

No more confusion inside of me

No more questioning my own identity

No guesses or questions of “ what are you?”

I am just me but I feel split in two

I can’t seem to find my place in society

And it may fill me with anxiety

But I know regardless, I am mighty