The Witching Hour

This is the time, for which I wait

It’s dark and late

It’s my favorite hour of the day

All is quiet, all is still; it’s delightful that way

I’m like a cat in the night . I sit and I play,

with the thoughts in my head

all of the words left to be said.

And they come at an ease

when I feel so at peace

All is calm, no one’s awake

A pause on life; a break

I am grounded, like gravity

Finally, a moment of, clarity

In the ambient of darkness, the moonlight shines, bounces, bends

I reflect and connect but soon this enchantment must come to an end

Do you ever stay up at night

Do you ever stay up at night

going over every detail;

everything that wasn’t right

Do you every stay up at night

staring at the clock

mind still putting up a fight

Do you ever stay up at night

stressing and obessing

until morning light

Do you ever stay up at night?