Book available on Amazon

I’m too excited to share that my first Poetry collection is available on Amazon and is currently #1 new release in Asian American poetry and American Poetry and #33 in women’s Poetry! I could cry🥺😭♥️♥️

Ebook now available!

Big Feels: I feel too much

Available at link above🖤

Open Book

I’m an open book
Turn the page and take a look
Inside you’ll find every emotion and feeling
The trauma and pain that still needs healing
The once frightened child
My thoughts gone wild
The tears that I’ve cried
All the times that I’ve tried
The love in my soul
Things I can’t control
Every page, every chapter
Will have you wonder
How life hasn’t snapped her

You Here with Me

I still remember the day you died

My brain didn’t believe it… It denied and denied

I spent weeks, month’s years crying for you

I wanted everyone to say they were lying; that it wasn’t true

But you’re still not here.. You’re really gone

It doesn’t seem fair; I didn’t have you that long

Since you’ve been gone I’ve felt so alone

Nowhere to go, to run to, to call home

I see you in my dreams all the time

And even though I know it’s not real and that you’re not alive

I still try to keep the dreams going forever in my mind

I wish you were here but I know that can’t be

But I selfishly long for it… You here with me