I am majestic

I lived in hell for many years
Living in a constant state of panic and fear
Increasing everytime the devil drew near
He drew more power with every tear
Questioning my thoughts, made my own memories disappear
I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror
Until I found my strength, my spear
Now his screams I can’t even hear
He has no power, and I have no fear
I am majestic and he is mere

Your Rage Kept Me In A Cage

You kept me in a cage; chained and locked.

There was no way out that was not blocked

Kidnapped. Wings strapped. Completely Trapped

Days go by. I still don’t fly

Hope decreased. Would I ever be released?

I won’t let him keep me here. I won’t be controlled by fear

It’s time things are changing. It’s time for uncaging

I fought and felt stripped from the chains that I ripped.

 My wings for so long held down and gripped

 But they could not possibly ever be clipped

I was once in your prison. But from those dwellings i have finally risen.

I want to sing I want to fly

A bird is free to fly and roam

A bird can make anywhere their home

I hope to be a bird one day

But for now locked and caged I stay

The birds they sing with joy and freedom

I have no voice, I cant even greet them

I sit alone trapped with out hope

If a bird cannot sing then how can it cope

The days go by and still I am silent

I spend all of my days just keeping quiet

I want to sing I want to fly

I want to be way up high in the sky

Siniging my song to all that can hear

This is my dream, despite what I fear

One day ill make it One day ill sing

One day ill feel the wind under each wing