Your Rage Kept Me In A Cage

You kept me in a cage; chained and locked.

There was no way out that was not blocked

Kidnapped. Wings strapped. Completely Trapped

Days go by. I still don’t fly

Hope decreased. Would I ever be released?

I won’t let him keep me here. I won’t be controlled by fear

It’s time things are changing. It’s time for uncaging

I fought and felt stripped from the chains that I ripped.

 My wings for so long held down and gripped

 But they could not possibly ever be clipped

I was once in your prison. But from those dwellings i have finally risen.


Dry heaving

Heavy breathing

Heart pounding

Can’t find grounding

4am ; never late

160 heart rate

Hands shake

I don’t want to be awake

But I don’t want to be asleep

The trauma simply runs too deep

Night mares

And jump scares

Torture and terror

Heart break and despair

Lives lived in dreams

Tears shed, loud screams

Wake up sweating

Drenched my bedding

4am ; never late

160 heart rate

I don’t want to be awake