A Warrior Inside of Me

There’s a warrior inside of me

she gets me where I need to be

She slays dragons and fights monsters

all the horrific things that haunt her

She is stronger than you could fathom

she finds grounding where she lands on

She sings songs that soothe the soul 

when the world around her begins to unravel

She’s always been able to piece things back where they need to be

She’s always been braver than any could see

The warrior inside of me

I am she 

and she

is me

I’m the One

Try as I may

I could never display

How much I was betrayed

In such a way

That almost put me in a grave

But there’s things you can’t change

Like the way you behaved

The mountains you caved

The games that you played

The emotions you disarrayed

The haunting memories you made

You had all your plans laid

But I’m the one

I’m the one that paid


A punch to the gut
And a slap in the face
Each step that I can’t retrace
How did I get here
Living within fear
Caged in the chaos
Almost saw my life lost
But at what cost
I’m free to fly now
But sometimes still forget how
I can be brave and face the day
Or I can crumble and hideaway,
Maybe play with a stray
I didn’t lose my life
But I lost my balance
It’s like I’m in Wonderland
Please, call me Alice

Kyoko WP

Little girl

Little girl, little girl
Why do you cry?
You’re far too young to know such pain
But it’s all I see in your eyes
Little girl, little girl
You don’t have to tell me who or why
You don’t have to be okay
You just have to try

Little girl, little girl
I see the fear in your eyes
You need not be afraid
I will sing you lullabies
and hold you under the nights shade

Little girl, little girl,
Don’t grow so fast…
Sometimes the world
can feel chaotic,
hard to find your place
Take your time…
find your pace
Don’t lose your firefly,
dreams and wishes
Send them way up high
Do it your own way
Light up the sky

Little girl, little girl
Keep your chinup
Don’t cry
Inside every little girl,
Is a warrior… with fire in her eye

Kyoko WP

Keep my Heart Alive

Maybe I dance to the beat of my own drummer.. or
Maybe I am the drummer
Still looking for my beat
I feel it as it changes right under my feet

Maybe I sing to my own melody
Lost in the rhythm of life
And it’s swift changing keys
They can be sharp, haunting
Full of melancholy

I’m lost in the lyrics
that overstimulate my mind
But there are moments of clarity
Where the words just unwind
Those moments of solace
Happen time to time

Those are the times
That keep my heart alive

Kyoko W.P.

My Mental Maladies

My mental maladies
They formed from tragedies;
Moments that happened with me
Fragments of what could be
Particles of things once believed
But there’s nothing wrong in me
/for you to decide/
Nothing for you to see
For what once was catastrophe
is no longer masquerading ,
like a moving masterpiece;
I’m constantly translating
/nothing to hide/

Kyoko W.P.

I am majestic

I lived in hell for many years
Living in a constant state of panic and fear
Increasing everytime the devil drew near
He drew more power with every tear
Questioning my thoughts, made my own memories disappear
I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror
Until I found my strength, my spear
Now his screams I can’t even hear
He has no power, and I have no fear
I am majestic and he is mere


If “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true
Then where are my muscles of honor?
I’m long over due

If pressure makes coal into diamonds
Why aren’t I dazzling?
Shiny? or new?

They said “ it can’t rain forever”
But they’ve never experienced this weather
Must not live where I do

If “ tough times don’t last but tough people do”
Then why do I feel like I’m constantly coming unglued

They say” just keep swimming”
And I always do
As long as I’m living
My heart will stay true