Art of a Poem

Meet me in a poem
Somewhere between the lines
Where the rhythm roams…
Find me in a verse
Don’t get lost in the rhymes
Or repetition heard…
Look for me where emotion evoked phrases exist
Locate me where expression and imagery persist…
Encounter me
in the heart, the home
Feel me
in the art of the poem

Kyoko WP

Won’t See You Again

The fog has lifted
My spirit shifted
I once was gifted
But now I don’t know,
to talk to you

Cause it was easier then
Back when
We were younger with discipline
stronger voice within

And now the story’s old
Nothing left to be told
I’m getting on the road
Won’t see you again

So this it then
It’s been real friend

Kyoko WP

Deep roots

Nature entwined with my spirit
I feel its magic when I am near it
Deep roots connecting me to all that is natural
I feel its presence its almost spiritual
The way the trees move my soul
Splendor growing out of control
A calming breeze moves around me
When surrounded by nature and all its beauty
The ground beneath me
The colors that I see
Majestic and moving gracefully
Watching the colors change fully
These roots are deep
The artistry can make me weep

Measure of worth

We measure our lives

By the trips we take around the sun

Never knowing when the ride will be done

So does it even matter to measure?

We measure our worth

By the things we acquire,

the money, our looks , our fashion attire

But we bare creativity and magic within

What if we measure our worth by our love, our art, our words, our kindness

The things we do for others , the love we share, the moments of embrace

Every struggle we face

And come out of stronger

Wouldn’t it be worth it to celebrate these moments longer?

You’re worth more than a number.

More than your age, your money and looks

You are a soul first

And that souls worth is priceless

It’s a treasure

that one cannot measure

The Witching Hour

This is the time, for which I wait

It’s dark and late

It’s my favorite hour of the day

All is quiet, all is still; it’s delightful that way

I’m like a cat in the night . I sit and I play,

with the thoughts in my head

all of the words left to be said.

And they come at an ease

when I feel so at peace

All is calm, no one’s awake

A pause on life; a break

I am grounded, like gravity

Finally, a moment of, clarity

In the ambient of darkness, the moonlight shines, bounces, bends

I reflect and connect but soon this enchantment must come to an end

From My Bedroom Window

Hear the soothing music of the birds so free
as they sing on swaying branches of my favorite tree
Watch as the leaves are dancing gracefully
to the songs that they sing so effortlessly
Feel the gentle, flowing breeze
as it passes through the changing leaves
and taste autumns season, swiftly approaching