Lost Little Girl

I can find myself in words on paper

Each verse another layer

Discovering with each new line

Maybe in a riddle or Rhyme

But somewhere within this journal

Are still just the feelings of a lost little girl


Sometimes I feel invisible
Did I just disappear
I scream and I yell
But no one can hear
And then I wonder
Am I still here?
I feel forgotten
Like I don’t exist
I fight to be seen
I try, I persist
Am I slowly drifting away
Do you no longer see my heart
Right here on display?

Who I Am

I feel like I’m failing

Don’t give me the exam

I won’t pass this test

I’ve studied

I’ve Crammed

But I still don’t quite know


I am


And the biggest thing that broke my heart
Was watching yours shatter
I tried to keep the pieces together
But it didn’t really matter
The damage was done
My oath to protect you,
I never wanted any of this for you
To have your heart break open
If I could fix it with my words, well they would already be spoken.


Somedays I’m okay
But today is not somedays
And then when it turns night
That’s when my brain likes to play
Tricks on me
and my memory
Darkness creeps in every crevice
Tainting everything
that is precious
You’d think I’d learn some lessons
But I just need more sessions
Of Therapy
Maybe I’ll find some clarity
Find some familiarity
Because primarily
This will only last temporarily
And soon
I’ll be sitting in my serenity

My Light

Maybe it’s not that my light
doesn’t shine bright enough
for others to care,
Maybe it’s that my light shines too bright;
hard to witness, to bear.
So the world throws its shade and its filters,
in forms of trauma and tragedy,
in attempts to dim or dull
my light capacity.
But I still glow and gleam in the dark…
Beaming dazzling light into the night sky,
like art

Kyoko WP